Loisir şi viaţă de societate în Vechiul Regat

Iulia Adina POP


The researches over the way of spending your own leisure and your attitude towards it has as the main aim the changes of Romanian society in the second half of the 19 th century. The attitude towards the leisure is relevant for a series of different realities so as the economical stage, the adjustment capacity of the society or for existence of some moral and religious norms. The notion of leisure can be applied nowadays more or less to the urban area, because in the rural areas the leisure as a modern category is almost absent, mainly because of the economical and social conditions and also because of the rural conservationism.

Romanian society has brought a refinement from the point of view of the attitude towards the leisure, and a great variety of spending your time privately or commonly. Ironically, this development has grown with the noblemen’s poverty, which was surplice by the bourgeois, a dynamic social class more and more well knock.

Keywords: distracții, loisir, societate, viață, regat, economic, social, realități